Motion Ft. Elysee Carreno


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My fate is in my hands I better stand up
or fall back in defeat and no one will know this man.
I know what I must do but I'm afraid
and I'm wasting my days in this place called no-action-land.

'Cause we were born and raised to be a certain way
nature and nurture so in who we are we have no say.
Considering the generations of babies having babies
who are they to say that I have to stay the way they raised me?

'Cause a man can change his stars
all you need is the desire for the change to start
Stand fast, hold true to the brand new you
Do what the you you want to be would do.

And I hope this song flows through you like an ocean
and inspires you to get yourself in motion!


The world will say that you can't change
the way you've been is the way you'll stay
But heroes are not born they're made.
They made the choice and then they trained.

And you know, you know
that's what you can do too.

You know, you know
you can be who you want to.

You know, you know
that it's all up to you.

You know, you know
You can be a hero too!

Oh ay!!!



released December 26, 2013



all rights reserved


CALVIN Los Angeles, California

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